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The School wishes to empower participants so as to critically envision new impacts and potentialities connected to heritage and museums.  From interpretation to education, from accessibility to exhibition design, museums are never neutral places. They simply can’t be, despite recurrent rhetorics. Through their choices, in fact, they always support or reduce stereotypes associated with people they are actually supposed to represent. From traditional museums to postmodern ones, the work on prejudices and stereotypes should be always considered within a holistic framework; it deals with problem-solving which should be intended as a priority within any institution aimed at dialoguing with people.

– learn how to question and define new strategies and approaches
– reconsider the social and cultural impacts of museums in their broader sense
– deconstruct stereotypes associated with diversity
– experiment using critical thinking in the solution of everyday museum problems
– empower radical thinking, develop new perceptions about communication

35 people

Museum professionals – educators, curators, exhibition designer, directors
Cultural managers
Teachers, professors, and educators




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