We believe that people learn from theories, from the experience of the experts and also from prototyping solutions together.

In our experience, working within the framework of difference is always powerful: that means developing a learning framework which include both structured and formal moments together with more relaxed ones; sharing ideas with international experts as well as enjoying game-based activities for learning (and a dinner together or an aperitivo when is coming late).

We have been working on these formats from many years, trying to taking care of all the details. What we do, basically, is select contemporary topics that we find interesting and controversial and tailor around those themes the courses we would have liked to follow: inviting the most interesting people keen on that subject, building social activities and involving many local and active institutions, from big traditional museums to small independent organisations.

During the next training course we will present case-studies, analyse best practices, alternate theoretical sessions to hands-on workshops focussed on prototyping, share tools, provide room for open-hearted conversations and for an exploration of the city of Milan and its museums from within.

Photos by Constanze Flamme and Silvia Gottardi.